“The Commodore Trust” is a group of like minded people who care about Pembroke Dock, its heritage and its people.

“The Commodore” was the former Captain Superintendent’s Residence within the Royal Dockyard, Pembroke. Lately, this once prestigious building has fallen on bad times. “The Commodore Trust” has the aim of securing a positive future for the place as a community resource and transforming it into an asset for the people of the Pembroke Dock. Something they can be proud of.

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The Commodore


Updated: 3 March 2021

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1 November 2018

The Commodore Trust is applying to the Architectural Heritage Fund for a grant to carry out a viability study on possible projects for the building and its grounds. The grant aid, if successful, would be up to £7500 and has to be match funded.

We can do this as we now have a bank account to go with our Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) - The Commodore Trust. Account details are:


The Commodore Trust

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19 December 2018

The Commodore Trust has received two quotes for a viability study.

9 March 2019

There has been another attempt at gaining access to the building by vandals or metal thieves. Attempts were made to smash locks of doors to no avail. Police have been informed and further surveillance will take place. If you have any information about this attempt, please let us know. Entry was attempted sometime between late Thursday 7 March through Friday 8 March 2019.

22 July 2019

We have just received terrific news! We have been offered a grant towards a viability study centred on The Commodore. This grant offer comes from the Archaeological Heritage Fund (ahfund.org.uk) and has to be match funded by The Commodore Trust. Now the hard work begins. The first challenge is to raise £8,000 to get the viability study underway.

25 October 2019

The Commodore Trust, along with the rest of the town of Pembroke Dock, has been saddened to hear about the the death of 16 year old Kianna Patton. Kianna’s body was found, by emergency services, in the empty Commodore at about 4:45 p.m. on 24th October.

It is difficult to understand how her family and friends must be feeling at such a difficult time. Be assured that our thoughts are with them and we send our sincere condolences at their loss.

Being a teenager is not an easy part of life’s journey, but no-one should need to face this challenge alone. Talking is good and there are many people who are willing to listen. Take care of yourselves and talk. ..and share your troubles. Please.

AJ 26 Oct 2019  for The Commodore Trust

16 May 2020

The National Heritage Lottery Fund, in March, due to the present Covid-19 situation, halted and cancelled all processing of grant applications until further notice. This is due to the need to provide grants for projects that are presently running and having economic challenges due to the present emergency situation. The Commodore Trust quite understands the necessity of this move in the current climate and we will be re-submitting an application for the remaining funds for a viability study as soon as the NHLF fund opens again for new projects. The Commodore Trust, in the meantime, is continuing to seek alternative sources of funding.

18 May 2020

The National Dockyards Society  expresses support for  the aims of  The Commodore Trust. In their latest newletter they say:

The plans put forward in the Save the Commodore Trust Project Plan are very well conceived and designed to involve the Pembroke Dock community at every stage:

• The Trust has made the necessary connections with appropriate historic organisations to obtain the best possible professional and creative advice to renovate the Captain Superintendent’s residence.

• Trust proposals will provide many education and training opportunities in historic building conservation and other professions during the renovation process.

• The Trust concept for the renovated building undertakes to provide a :

cohesive heritage/arts tourist destination’..

This would bring together the remarkable provisions of the various Pembroke Dock heritage centres to raise heritage awareness among residents and tourism organisations and provide ongoing community benefits.

• The Trust proposes varied projects whereby the renovated Captain Superintendent’s residence would tie the dockyard into the town, generate revenue, improve education and training and support sustainable marine energy projects.

The Society will monitor the progress of the permit application and supports the Save the Com­modore Trust Project as the optimal way forward for both the Captain Superintendent’s residence and the Pembroke Dock community.


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14 July 2020

The Commodore Trust has been successful in their Stage 1 application to the The Pilgrim Trust for grant funding for a viability study.

We have been invited to submit an application to Stage 2 of the process. Good News, but still a long way to go!

5 October 2020

Success! The Commodore Trust has been awarded a grant of £7200 by  The Pilgrim Trust. This will now allow the trust to proceed with a viability study for the repair and renovation of the site that will make the building a long term, sustainable community asset for  Pembroke Dock. The trust is very grateful for the support that The Pilgrim Trust has shown for the trust's aims. Read more about  The Pilgrim Trust here: https://www.thepilgrimtrust.org.uk/