“The Commodore Trust” is a group of like minded people who care about Pembroke Dock, its heritage and its people.

“The Commodore” was the former Captain Superintendent’s Residence within the Royal Dockyard, Pembroke. Lately, this once prestigious building has fallen on bad times. “The Commodore Trust” has the aim of securing a positive future for the place as a community resource and transforming it into an asset for the people of the Pembroke Dock. Something they can be proud of.

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The Commodore


Updated: 3 March 2021

Registered Charity Number 1178576.

Wants to….

The document below is an edited version of the discussion paper we put together prior to the auction of The Commodore in December 2017. This is the latest version.

As it happens, the auction never took place as the lot was withdrawn. Since then The Trust has been working to get together a package to try and fulfil our aims. That is, to:

By means of an Historic Buildings Trust, acquire and renovate the former Captain Superintendent’s Residence at Pembroke Dockyard, along with its former garden, transforming this currently derelict Grade II* listed building and its setting into a self-supporting community asset.

We continue to be in regular contact with the owner’s agent and the quest for funding has continued. We already have a grant from the Architectural Heritage Fund that we need to match fund for a viability study.

We would be interested to hear your thoughts on the notes below. Anyone who is able to offer further support is urged to get in touch via our contacts page. At the moment we would be delighted to have written support for the project. Just a short, signed note would be great and help in our fund raising efforts. Thanks.